Improving life quality


Collagen MSM Plus® Improving life quality

No.1 formula for joint health

  • Healthy Joints
  • Joint mobility
  • Healthy cartilage
  • Strong Bones
  • Fight pain and inflammation
  • Better absorption and bioavailability
  • Healthy hair skin and nails

Collagen MSM Plus® is a revolutionary formula in liquid form designed for better absorption and bioavailability. Studies show that liquids can have up to 90% better absorption.

It contains hydrolyzed liquid collagen with liquid MSM, glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and vitamin D3, B12, B6 and C.

Collagen MSM Plus ® is produced by one of the leading German manufacturers with 30 years of experience, great scientific background and high quality standards.

Collagen MSM Plus® can benefit:

  • People over 40 years
  • People who exercise often
  • People with joint problems
  • Athletes
  • People recovering from injuries
  • People who regularly strain joints
  • Overweight people with sedentary
  • People looking to maintain healthy joints and strong bones